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Riff Holding

Riff Holding International is the leading integrator and developer of corporate services that operates through a network of European and international companies in order to provide first class services in a wide array of disciplines. Riff Holding International capabilities include marketing communications, publishing, printing, HR, labour and personnel, valuation, legal, IT, tax, as well as the unique ability to quickly connect experts and resources to any ongoing project.

The key fields of expertise include operational development from ground-up, business continuity management and strategy auditing. Networking across Europe is essential for Riff Holding International as we can assist investors in maximizing the value and the return of their portfolio. We handle business internationalization and business relocation projects partnering with premium services companies in Europe.

Think at Riff Holding International as a connected, multi-disciplinary services bank that moves swiftly and efficiently towards your planned outcome. Having at its core chartered experts and senior, internationally experienced professionals, Riff Holding International has a decade of successes in producing solutions and results for its clients from almost any industry. We are reputed for integrity, loyalty and excellence of our services. Our clients are currently referring to us in these words: “They are producing results, not reports”.


In our vision, developing the business and financial services network is “the key” for a constant and lasting growth for our clients.
The economic and financial power of companies from cities outside Bucharest is increasing. This is an undisputed truth. Furthermore, this growth should be followed by a proper offer of services.
Following the European experience, increasing the economic and financial power of companies outside the capital city realm is an unquestionable reality and it must come together with an adequate offer of professional services.
We invite you to grow by taking an active part in our growth as well.

Riff Holding International operates in Bucharest, through eight companies, and nationwide through 12 affiliated or partner companies, located in seven cities.

Riff Holding International is currently present in France, Luxembourg, Austria, Great Britain, Germany, Cyprus, Dubai and the Republic of Moldova.


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